10 Mar

Cupcakes from the Gods

Posted by Jane Dizon in Desserts, Powder

Recipe by Tamara Meier | @rusty.curls

Your TV told you the truth: Ferraro Roche is the chocolate of the Gods.
Luckily for you, Nutella comes from the same company, which makes these cupcakes heavens favorite

Ferraro Nutella Roche Cupcakes - has anything sounded better?
The perfect balance of sweet and salty, with an added crunch in the center.

Simple and straightforward - whip up a batch for your special Valentine, a party, or for a cozy night-in as
the ultimate act of self-love (besides, sharing can be over-rated).

**These can easily be made gluten-free free - look out for our instructions on how to swap out a couple
key ingredients