12 Jul

High Fibre Protein Cookies

Posted by Jane Dizon in Gluten-free, Powder, Snacks

These protein cookies are a super speedy, mega tasty way to get a quick protein fix at any time of the day — on the go, post-workout, or even as a dessert to hit your macros at the end of the day. They come together in a jiffy, and have the added benefits of being low carb, high fibre, and low calorie too!

23 Jul

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

Posted by Jane Dizon in Cakes, Dairy-Free, Desserts, Syrup

This cake is a chocolate lover’s dream! Coffee enhances the rich, chocolate flavour, which is then perfectly offset by the sweet and salty caramel drip. While the edges have just the right amount of crisp to them, the centre of the cake stays moist and gooey from the sweet sauce. Serve it with some fresh berries, and it’s the perfect seasonal treat!

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