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Purchasing VitaFiber® IMO Products

VitaFiber® syrup and powder products are currently only available for purchase at our online store.

We’re not yet available in-store in USA.

We’re looking into it, stay tuned!

Whether it’s a damaged product or you’re not completely satisfied with your order, contact us and we’ll issue a free replacement or full refund if necessary. Please email with your order number to start the process.

About VitaFiber® IMO Products

VitaFiber® IMO is a plant-based, lower calorie sweetener which is also a source of dietary fibre. It has no chemical overtones or bitter aftertaste, simply a clean, natural flavour that you will love. VitaFiber® is sourced from plant-based starch, and is minimally processed with no preservatives, gluten or common allergens.

“IMO” is an acronym for isomaltooligosaccharides which is a mixture of short-chain carbohydrates that have digestion-resistant properties. The raw material used for producing IMO is starch, which is enzymatically converted into a mixture of isomaltooligosaccharides. VitaFiber® is made from plant-based starch using a proprietary and patented process.

Extra benefits. Regularly using VitaFiber® will help promote digestive health since it’s a source of dietary fibre that are necessary for maintaining good gut health. Most sweeteners and sugar alternatives currently on the market do not offer these benefits.

No aftertaste. VitaFiber® actually tastes great! Many of the sweeteners and sugar alternatives on the market have a strong flavour or a weird aftertaste which isn’t pleasant and doesn’t feel natural. 

Lower calorie. VitaFiber® has 42% less calories than honey or sugar. It sweetens your recipes without the added calories.

VitaFiber™ syrup contains only two ingredients: Isomaltooligosaccharides and water. VitaFiber™ powder, which is simply our VitaFiber™ syrup spray dried into powder, is all isomaltooligosaccharides.

A serving of the VitaFiber® syrup (15 ml) is 35 calories which is 42% less than honey. A serving of VitaFiber® powder (15 g) is also 35 calories which is 42% less than sugar.

VitaFiber® has a clean, pleasant flavour. It has a mild sweetness to it with no bitter aftertaste. The flavour can be likened to a mild honey.

You can find our nutritional facts here.

Using VitaFiber® IMO Products

The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating VitaFiber® into your daily cooking and baking. You can use it in homemade recipes, like bars, trail mix and in baked goods – cakes, cookies, breads and much more – completely replacing other sweeteners. Sweeten a dish of fresh fruit, yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, cereal and your coffee. You can even use VitaFiber® in place of sugar or simple syrup in your cocktail. VitaFiber® IMO’s mild sweetness will delight your tastebuds! The natural, plant-based dietary fibre supports gut health, so basically, it makes food tastes better AND better for you.

Check out our recipe page, below, or follow us on social to see what’s cooking @vitafibercanada!

VitaFiber® IMO has an FDA-GRAS maximum dose of 40 grams per day.

Safety of VitaFiber® to individuals with blood sugar related conditions has not been determined by BioNeutra. Therefore, we advise that people with high blood sugars levels should consult their healthcare practitioners prior to using this product.

Yes, you can! But we do not recommend it because it’s not cost effective and the quality will never be the same. VitaFiber® syrup contains approximately 25% water, you can try heating a 3:1 mixture of powder to water for 10 to 20 seconds in the microwave. Stir for a minute or two and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. This syrup will likely not be clear like the regular IMO syrup.

No, it’s not necessary. VitaFiber® syrup is best stored at room temperature (68F = 20C). It’s fine to refrigerate it if that is your personal preference, but colder temperatures will increase the syrup’s viscosity.

VitaFiber® is free of most common allergens.

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